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Administering Chat

The chat feature enables one or more CIC agents to engage in a text-based communication with a visitor to your website. Some of the highlights of the chat feature include:

  • The JavaScript chat interface.

  • Customization to the visitor side of the chat interface. See Interaction Web Tools Developer's Guide for information about customizing the Interaction Web Tools user interface and its features.

  • File transfer capabilities. During a chat session, the agent can send a link to a file which the visitor can save to their system. See the appropriate CIC client help for more details.

  • Chat Transcript, if the CIC server has an Interaction Recorder license.

Website visitor requirements

The website visitor needs only a web browser. See the latest supported web browsers for CIC on the Genesys Testlab site:

How a chat session works

Customer Interaction Center can send external chats, just like telephone calls, to CIC client agents. The program can route, transfer, and report on external chats. If an agent is not available for a chat, visitors can leave a message.

Interaction Web Tools provides a chat interface (webpage) for visitors. In the simplest case, the administrator puts links to that page somewhere on the company website. The administrator can embed the chat functionality in other pages (covered in an example) or distribute the link to the chat via email.