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The following contains FAQs related to chat functionality.

Does chat use an IRC or proprietary communication protocol?

Chat uses a proprietary, but documented, protocol. For more information, see the Interaction Web Tools Developer's Guide at

From the web server perspective, what determines a visitor session?

The web server has no knowledge of visitor sessions, as it maintains no state information. WebProcessorBridgeU.exe maintains session information.

Why would a website visitor see agent chat messages in a different order than they were sent?

Agent chat messages typically appear in a website visitor's browser in the order in which the agent sent them. If, for any reason, one message in a sequence does not reach the website visitor's browser, the next agent message received is displayed. This action prevents a chat session from just stopping and waiting indefinitely for a message that did not arrive when there are subsequent messages that could be displayed. If the delayed message is finally received, it appears in the order in which it was received, not the order in which it was sent.