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Enable Chat Transcripts

Emailing transcripts requires an Interaction Recorder license.

To enable chat transcripts, complete two general steps:

  • add a Web Services parameter in Interaction Administrator to enable web transcripts

  • add an Interaction Recorder policy that records chats.


  • The sender email address is the IC Administrator mailbox. Select this mailbox in Interaction Administrator under System Configuration > Configuration > Mailboxes.

  • Use a server parameter to configure the reply to email address. Create the ChatTranscriptReplyToAddress parameter in Interaction Administrator under System Configuration > Web Services > Web Services Parameters.

To add the web transcripts parameter:

  1. In Interaction Administrator, click System Configuration, then Web Services, then Web Services Parameters.

  2. In the right panel, right-click and select New.

    Enter EnableWebTranscript for the name of the parameter.

    Click Ok.

  3. Enter 1 for the parameter value.

  4. Click Ok.

WebProcessor and WebProcessorBridge must be restarted for this parameter to take effect.

To add a policy for recording chats:

  1. Navigate to Interaction Recorder -> Policy Editor

  2. Double-click Configuration.

  3. Click New Policy.

  4. Create a policy with the following settings:

    Step 1: Applies to the following entities

    Select applies to all entities

    Step 2: Restrict to these event(s)

    Select Inbound chat connected

    Step 3: Select criteria

    No criteria selected

    Step 4: Select actions

    Select record the chat transcript

  5. Click Finished.

  6. Click Apply in the bottom right corner of Policy Editor.

For more information about creating policies, see Interaction Recorder help and Interaction Recorder and Interaction Quality Manager Technical Reference in the PureConnect Documentation Library.