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Appendix J: Workforce Management Integration FAQs

General Features

Can you connect with more than one vendor at a time?

Yes. Both the WFM Historical and Real-Time adherence modules were built to support multiple CIC and WFM vendors at one time. It is capable of segregating data by workgroups or sending the same information to two separate vendors in their format.

Can you segment the historical exports to include data for specific agent groups? Outsource model?

Unfortunately, no. The Historical data is aggregated within a workgroup such that we don't know if an internal or outsourced agent handled the interaction. The only way to meet this requirement is to split the business handled by workgroup such that the outsourcer handles all of the interactions for a given workgroup.

How can a new vendor be added? How much effort does it take to add new vendors?

Please post requests to add new vendors to a login.)  It largely depends on the vendor and the requirements.

Can Interaction Optimizer and WFM co-exist in the same install?



What vendors do you support?

  • Blue Pumpkin (Verint bought out Witness who bought Blue Pumpkin. Verint also bought GMT late 2011)
  • IEX (acquired by NICE in 2006)
  • Aspect eWFM
  • GMT (Bought by Verint in late 2011)
  • Pipkins
  • Invision
  • Injixo (cloud version of Invision)

Is this supported in Genesys Cloud?

Yes. Typically the integrations will be deployed in the cloud and the MPLS firewalls will be configured to deliver the historical files via FTP and the Real-Time via an agreed upon socket port.


Are we certified with each of the WFM vendors?

There is no certification program for any of the vendors. We do have multiple installations using each of the vendors.

How is it licensed?

It is licensed by CIC server, not by user. The backup server (or switchover) is included in this license.

Supported Environments

Where is the integration installed?

The integration is installed server-side, but not on the CIC server. The WFM Historical and Real-Time are installed by default on the same machine.

Can this integration be co-located with other products?

Yes, but it depends mostly on sizing. If the contact center is more than 300-400 users, we suggest a separate WFM Integration server to serve for Historical and Real-Time feeds.