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Widgets are streamlined and lightweight elements you can add to your company’s website to support activities like chatting with an agent. PureConnect Widgets are JavaScript-based, cloud-hosted, and cloud-configured extensions that implement the Genesys Widgets API under a continuously integrated and deployed release model.

Interaction Connect supports the configuration of Genesys Widgets for use in your company’s website. These widgets are easy to configure and deploy by means of code snippets you include in your company’s website.

Note: Genesys widgets do not require the use of Interaction Web Tools.

Requirements: To deploy a widget, you must have a public-facing web portal with a reverse proxy. To display the Widgets view, you need the Widgets Configuration Administrator Access right. To create widgets and configure every widget property, you also need the Widget Configuration Master Security right. If you can display the Widgets list, but do not have the Security Right, then you can't create widgets and can only configure widget properties listed on the Unrestricted Properties page. Only an Interaction Connect user with both the Widgets Configuration Administrator Access right and the Widget Configuration Master Security right can select these Unrestricted Properties.

For developers, the Genesys Widgets Reference provides information for commands, events, configuration, and localization details for Genesys widgets. PureConnect uses a subset of the Genesys widgets available in PureEngage.

Widget Types

  • Web Chat: The Web Chat widget enables a website visitor to start a live chat with company representative. This creates a PureConnect Chat interaction that is routed to the appropriate queue.

  • Callback: Website visitors can request a call from one of your agents. The Callback widget provides a form for website visitor details. PureConnect routes this information as a Callback interaction to the appropriate queue.

  • Call Us: Website visitors can initiate a call to any selected phone number displayed on the Call Us widget. This initiates a call interaction that is routed to the appropriate agent.

  • Offers: Use the Offers widget to display a product or promotion along with an image or video. You can select from Toaster or Overlay mode.

  • Sidebar: A Sidebar widget contains displays icons, titles, and command shortcuts for the widgets available on your company website.

  • Chatbots: PureConnect supports not only the Genesys Intelligent Automation chatbot, but also chatbots from third-party vendors.

Simple Configuration and Deployment

You do not need developer skills to configure and deploy a Widget. See Configure a Widget and Deploy a Widget.

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