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Following are key terms used in the Designer COM API Reference.

Callback Object

Callbacks are functions called when data changes. C++ provides hooks that allow functions to be called automatically when data changes.


A class is a template that defines the attributes of its members. The analogy of a "cookie cutter" is often used to describe what a class does. A cookie cutter is a template (class) that defines the shape and size of a cookie (object).  An object is an instance of a class.  For example, a cookie object is an instance of the cookie cutter class. 

Customer Interaction Center

Customer Interaction Center (CIC) is a powerful interaction-processing engine from Genesys. The engine and its associated customization tools can be used to automate the processing of virtually any type of communications event including calls, faxes, e-mail messages, digital and alphanumeric pages, Web hits, and more.

Directory Services

Directory Services is a storehouse for configuration information in CIC. Directory Services maintains information about CIC Users, Workgroups, Lines, Line Groups, and Stations.  Most of this configuration information is entered using Interaction Administrator. Data is stored as keys that have one or more attributes. Keys represent entities known to CIC.  Attributes are pieces of information about that entity. For example, a User key has a "Listen In privileges" attribute. Keys sometimes contain other keys, in a parent-key and child-key relationship.

Object Watcher

An object watcher signals changes to a specific object. This is accomplished by the object calling back into the watcher. This process uses a separate thread, so you must handle GUI or thread dependent calls in the appropriate way for your development environment.

Safe Array

A safe array is an array that contains information about the number of dimensions and the bounds of its dimensions.