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Custom Handler behavior type

This behavior runs the Dialer_RuleActionEvent handler on the Dialer server, passing the macro values or manually entered text to the handler as payload data.

By default, the Dialer_RuleActionEvent handler does nothing except provide an entry point for future customization. Customers may edit this handler (using Interaction Designer) to add custom logic that meets their business needs.   This behavior always runs the Dialer_RuleActionEvent handler. You cannot use it to launch a different handler.


Type a name for the new behavior in the Name field. This can be anything you like, so long as it is unique within the policy. Try to use of a descriptive name that describes what this behavior does when its condition is true.

Behavior Type

Select "Custom Handler" to display options that configure this condition.


Custom data 1

User-defined string data passed to the handler.

Custom data 2

User-defined string data passed to the handler. This string may contain macros. If you want to use a macro in the custom data fields, click the Macro () button. (For more information, see the Macros topic.)