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dialer.sendCustomHandlerNotification Method


This method allows a custom script to initiate custom handlers through the custom notification initiator. Use with care. Starting a very complex, long-running handler could potentially affect the performance of a PureConnect server.

NOTE: This functionality is only available in Interaction Connect. It is not available in Scripter .NET.

Input Parameters


The Object Id defined in the handler's initiator.


The Notification Event defined in the handler's initiator.


All other data is passed by an array of string values.

Value Returned

There is no return value. This call takes place asynchronously.


The example calls the sendCustomHandlerNotification method from a static dialer object.

var dataArray = ['someInformation', 'moreInfo', 'lastInfo'];
scripter.dialer.sendCustomHandlerNotification('sampleObjectID', 'sampleEventID', dataArray);

The sampleObjectID and sampleEventID should correspond to the Object ID and Notification Event properties defined in the initiator that the user wants to initiate. All other user defined data can be passed as an array of strings(eg: dataArray).

NOTE: A custom script can also subscribe to a custom handler notification to listen for responses after initiating the custom handler. See dialer.subscribeToCustomHandlerNotification Method.