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Interaction Scripter Actions

Actions are messages from Interaction Scripter scripts to the server that trigger an action on the CIC server.  This section explains the various actions that are available in Scripter and how to implement code in a web pages to use these actions.

Standard Actions

Standard Actions perform normal operations on phone calls, such as picking up a call, placing it on hold, transferring, or recording.  Standard actions provide basic telephony integration with the PureConnect platform.  These actions allow scripts to manipulate telephone calls.

Predictive Actions 

Predictive Actions are valid if Interaction Dialer is installed on the CIC Server and the user is logged into Dialer.  Predictive actions apply to Interaction Dialer campaigns and campaign calls.  Predictive actions are also useful in preview mode, when information about a party is pushed to an agent before the agent initiates the call. 

Using Scripter actions is a two step process

  1. First the action must be defined in the web page.  The action is defined in an HTML meta tag, this meta tag is then parsed by Scripter when the page is loaded.  This allows Scripter to set up specific event handlers to handle when the action is called from within the body of the loaded web page. If the action is not defined in a meta tag, Scripter will not know how to respond to the action, and an error will be received in Scripter. If in debug mode an entry will also be made in the debug window indicating that the action is not defined.   The meta tag definition of the action and the calling action itself much match in case.  The meta tag definition is case sensitive.

  2. The second step in setting up an action is to use the action in a function definition within JavaScript.  The function definition is usually in response to an event handler in the web page, like handling a button click event or a drop down value change event for example.  When calling the Scripter action, the calling action is normally the name of the action followed by a .click(). 

NOTE: A few actions should be used with care, since they potentially affect the performance of a script or server. Actions having scale impact include: