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IS_System_ClientStatus.list retrieves an array of status messages from the CIC Server. Status messages are defined in Interaction Administrator under System Configuration | Status Messages. The default status messages are:

  • ACD – Agent Not Answering
  • At a Training Session
  • At Lunch
  • Available
  • Available, No ACD
  • On Vacation
  • Available, Remote
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Follow Up
  • Gone Home
  • In a Meeting
  • Out of the Office
  • Out of Town

In a default system configuration, IS_System_ClientStatus.list returns the following array elements:

  • IS_System_ClientStatus.list[0] = ACD – Agent Not Answering
  • IS_System_ClientStatus.list[1] = At a Training Session
  • IS_System_ClientStatus.list[2] = At Lunch
  • IS_System_ClientStatus.list[3] = Available
  • IS_System_ClientStatus.list[4] = Available, No ACD
  • IS_System_ClientStatus.list[5] = Available, Remote
  • IS_System_ClientStatus.list[6] = Do Not Disturb
  • IS_System_ClientStatus.list[7] = Follow Up
  • IS_System_ClientStatus.list[8] = Gone Home
  • IS_System_ClientStatus.list[9] = In a Meeting
  • IS_System_ClientStatus.list[10] = On Vacation
  • IS_System_ClientStatus.list[11] = Out of the Office
  • IS_System_ClientStatus.list[12] = Out of Town

IS_System_ClientStatus.list.length returns the total number of status messages returned. In a default server configuration, IS_System_ClientStatus.list.length would return 13. Note that the array is zero-based.

IS_SYSTEM_ClientStatus.value allows you to retrieve the agent's status.  For example, alert(IS_System_ClientStatus.value);.

Scripter will recognize click events from any HTML element whose name has an associated action documented in this API (e.g.: "IS_Action_CallComplete").  If the script needs to associate several buttons with the same action, then define the action using a meta element and call the click event on the meta element from buttons.

Starting with version Interaction Scripter 3.0 Service Update 7, IS_System_ClientStatus.list now returns only accessible statuses. In earlier versions of Scripter it returned all statuses defined on the system. Access to statuses can be restricted by User or Workgroup, so Scripter now returns only those statuses that are available to the user.


    <meta name="IS_Action_ClientStatus">
    <meta name="IS_System_ClientStatus">
    <script language=javascript>
        window.onload = Init;
        function Init() {
            if (!IS_System_ClientStatus.list)
            var availableStatuses = IS_System_ClientStatus.list;
            for (i = 0; i < availableStatuses.length; i++) {
                // populate with all valid statuses
                StatusList.add(new Option(availableStatuses[i]));
                // select if it is the current status
                if (availableStatuses[i] == IS_System_ClientStatus.value) {
                    StatusList.selectedIndex = i;
        function StatusChange() {
            // set the status attribute to the text of currently displayed item
            IS_Action_ClientStatus.statusId = StatusList.item(StatusList.selectedIndex).text;
<body>     <select id="StatusList" onchange="StatusChange();"></select> </body> </html>