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Queue.startConferenceObjectsEnum Enumeration Property


This property returns an enumeration of ConferenceObjects for queue. The enumeration is traversed using the hasMoreElements and nextElement methods of the enumeration. Each call to the nextElement method returns successive elements of the series. The hasMoreElements method will return a Boolean True if this enumeration contains more elements.

Starting with 2018 R3, the Queue.startCallObjectsEnum, Queue.startChatObjectsEnum, Queue.startConferenceObjectsEnum and Queue.startObjectIdsEnum properties now accept an optional callback (for use with Connect scripts only) whose single parameter contains the result. See Interaction Connect Example in Queue.startCallObjectsEnum Enumeration Property for an example.




Read Yes

Write No

Value Assigned


Value Returned

Java Enumeration

The enumeration containing the list of ConferenceObjects.

Java Enumeration Example (JavaScript)

// search for conference objects in the queue
var conferences = scripter.myQueue.startConferenceObjectsEnum;
if (conferences.hasMoreElements()) {
    alert("A conference is in the queue.");