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User.errorHandler Callback Property


User.errorHandler is invoked by when an internal error occurs in the user object. If you pass the name of a user-defined function to User.errorHandler, the function will be called when this event occurs.


This property is compatible with scripts for Scripter .NET Client. Do not use this property in scripts for Interaction Connect.


User.errorHandler(errId, ErrText)



The HRESULT error number.


Textual description of the error.


Read Yes

Write Yes

Value Assigned

Function Pointer

A function pointer is the address in memory where a user-defined function is loaded. Function pointers pass the address of a user-defined function to another function declared within an application. In a script, the function pointer is simply the name of the function. For example, if your code contains a function named "foo", the function pointer would also be named "foo". When defining your custom function, define the errorId, and errorText as arguments to the function. e.g.: function foo(errorId, errorText).

Value Returned

Function Pointer