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What functions or objects are reserved by Interaction Scripter?

Any function or object that begins with the "name" IS_ is reserved by the Interaction Scripter. Scripter currently uses this naming convention with various types of objects:


Attr stands for "attribute". An attribute is a piece of information about an object that travels with an object throughout CIC.  An example of an attribute of an object might be the name of the targeted party called. Any Dialer database attribute beginning with IS_Attr_ will automatically become associated with a script object of the same name. If the attribute is first declared in the script, it will go back to the Dialer server during a call complete function, and it can be accessed from a handler. IS_ATTR_ variables are persistent, and are reserved by Interaction Scripter. These values are prepopulated by columns of the same name in a database (less the IS_Attr_ part) under the "value" member for <input> and <meta> elements, and under the "innerText" member for block elements (elements with closing tags like <p></p>).       Any other members that you attach to these elements (i.e. are also global. Don't try and attach objects that go out of scope as they will be invalid on the next page (i.e. = this).


Dialer Actions can be performed only on campaign calls. Dialer Actions are also useful in preview mode, when information about a party is pushed to an agent before the agent initiates the call.


Events are script callback functions.  Events are notification messages from the server, such as new call on a queue.  All Dialer Events are functions that you declare, and call when an event occurs.


System elements retrieve information about an agent, such as the agent's name, or ID, and also retrieve available status messages from the server.