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When does my script need to set an agent's status?

When designing scripts, it is helpful to know which statuses Dialer automatically assigns versus statuses that a custom script needs to explicitly assign. Dialer automatically put agents into the following statuses:


Automatically assigned by Dialer when

Awaiting Callback

When an agent-owned scheduled callback or precisely dialed call is being placed for them.

Follow Up

When their current call disconnects before it is dispositioned.

Campaign Call

When the agent is assigned a Dialer call and receives the screen-pop.

A custom script should manually assign a status in the following scenarios:


When to assign in a custom script


When the agent completes a call and needs to go back available to receive another call. This is typically done on page load on the 'Waiting for call' page.

On a Break (or whatever non-ACD status a customer chooses)

Whenever a break is granted by Dialer.