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Web Browser Screen Pop

Web Browser Screen Pop configuration allows you to open your browser to a specific location or URL on a specific event. For example, on an incoming call, your browser can open to web page.


Enter a URL to open in the browser. Use the http:// format. For example, use To pass a specific parameter to the URL, click Insert a URL parameter into the URL string.

Popup Type

Select Pop to a new browser (only supported in Internet Explorer and Firefox) to open the URL in a new browser instance. Select Pop to a new tab on an existing browser session to open the URL in a new page or tab in a currently opened browser.

URL Parameters

This is a list of parameters that are being passed to the URL. Click Edit... to change an existing parameter.

Note: CIC encodes the URL parameters. Therefore, put special characters, such as "=," in the URL field and not in the values of the URL parameters.