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workgrp.gif user.gif Utilization

You can set these utilization options at the workgroup or user level (user settings override workgroup settings). Agents can handle multiple phone calls and other interactions simultaneously and in any combination. Using the ACD Utilization settings, you can configure how much of an agent's attention would be required for each of the interaction types as a percentage.

For example, if, as an administrator, you set the Chat category for an agent to 25%, it would mean that the agent could handle up to four chat events simultaneously. Indicating 100% for an event type would mean that the agent could handle only one such event at a time.

The percentages might vary from agent to agent based on their experience. Agents are available to the extent that the sum of the percentage utilization of all their current interactions is less than 100.

For example, if an agent is configured so that phone calls are set to 100 percent, chats to 25 percent, and email messages to 10 percent, then the agent could, at any given time, process one phone call, or four chats, or two chats and five email messages, or one chat and seven email messages, and so forth.

Note: Once an interaction enters a conference or enters an ACD queue as the consult portion of a consult transfer, utilization is no longer recognized. If an interaction is transferred to an ACD Queue, utilization is only recognized if the transfer is a blind transfer.

Note: If you enabled the Enhanced Interaction Administrator Change log, then all of your changes on this page are tracked in that log. For more information, see About the Enhanced Interaction Administrator Change Log.

Interaction Type

The Interaction Type list displays the interaction types assigned to this workgroup or user, including Call, Callback, Chat, Email, Generic Object, Social Conversation, Social Direct Message, or Work Item.

% Utilization

The % Utilization list shows the percentage of an agent's attention required for each interaction type.

When you add an Interaction Type, the percent utilization you assign to that interaction appears in this list. By default, the % Utilization is 100%.

Tip: Set the percent utilization for Calls to 51% or more when either or both of the following conditions apply:

- You have selected Auto answer for the agent.

- You have selected Exempt held interactions for the agent.

Under the above conditions and at less than 51% utilization, if an agent is on a call and another call comes in, the CIC client puts the first call on hold automatically and connects the incoming call.

Since calls on hold (held interactions) are exempt and do not count against the agent’s percent utilization, the CIC client will continue putting active calls on hold automatically and connecting new calls to that agent.

Setting 51% or more utilization ensures that an agent handles only one call at a time. Setting it at 50% allows the CIC client to assign two calls simultaneously to the agent, one active and one on hold (achievable by some agents).

Note: Calls at 50% or less utilization with a maximum assigned of 1 will only allow 1 call.

Max. Assign.

The Max. Assign. list displays the maximum number of interactions allowed for this interaction type. By default, the value of Max. Assign is "1" for Call interaction type. The default value of Max. Assign for all other interaction types is "0".


Select an interaction type and click Edit to see the Edit dialog where you can change the percent utilization for a Call, Chat, Email, or other interaction type.