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Change the forecast associated with a schedule

Note: You cannot change the forecast for an AI-powered schedule.

When you create schedules many weeks in advance, the volume forecast you used in schedule creation may not be as accurate as a volume forecast you created at a later date. You can use the Change Volume Forecast feature to pick a new forecast and update the selected schedule with a head count that matches the new volume forecast.

  1. From the Interaction Optimizer Home page, in the Scheduling area click the arrow at the end of the Schedules drop-down list and choose the desired schedule.

  2. Click Open selected schedule. The Schedule tab opens.

  3. Open the Interaction Optimizer menu and choose Change Volume Forecast. The Change Forecast dialog box opens.

Note: In the Select a forecast to associate with this schedule area, notice that the currently used forecast contains a check mark in the Current Forecast column. Also notice that, in the Modified Date column, you can see the when each forecast was last updated.

  1. In the Forecast Name area, click the new forecast you want to use. Optimizer changes the shading on the selected forecast.

  2. Click OK. Optimizer updates the schedule and provides progress messages at the bottom of the Change Forecast dialog box.

  3. When the update completes, in the Forecast successfully changed dialog box, click OK.

  4. To confirm that the schedule uses the new forecast, do the following:

    1. Open the Change Volume Forecast dialog box again, as described in step 2. The new forecast should now contain a check mark in the Current Forecast column.

    2. Click Cancel.

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