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Documentation Resources

This document ties together the various pieces of the integration, from configuration to agents handling Altocloud chats. You may need to access other documentation resources for more information about specific topics. For example, adding views in Interaction Connect, elements of the customer journey map, or licensing in Interaction Administrator.

The following is a list of some helpful documentation resources that you may want to consult.

See this:

Altocloud documentation site General information about Genesys Altocloud.
Genesys Altocloud Administrator's Guide Information about configuration tasks in the Altocloud Admin UI. Keep in mind that it is not PureConnect-specific and not all features described are included in the PureConnect integration with Altocloud.
Genesys Altocloud Agent's Guide A description of the elements in the customer journey map. Note that not all features described in the Agent's Guide apply to the PureConnect integration.
Interaction Administrator Help More information about configuring PureConnect workgroups, assigning licenses, and configuring server parameters.
Interaction Connect Help Adding the Altocloud view in Interaction Connect and learning about widgets.
Genesys Cloud for PureConnect Administrator's Guide Configuring the PureConnect integration with Genesys Cloud.