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About Genesys Cloud for PureConnect

Genesys Cloud is a cloud collaboration, communications, and customer engagement platform that takes full advantage of the distributed nature of the cloud. Configure Genesys Cloud for PureConnect in a few simple steps in Interaction Administrator.

PureCloud has a new name

The PureCloud product name is changing to Genesys Cloud. It will be a rolling change throughout 2020. Soon you will start to see product name and logo changes in product interfaces, installs, websites, documentation, and support tools. For more information, see PureCloud to Genesys Cloud FAQs on Genesys Community. Where appropriate, Genesys Cloud replaces the name PureCloud in this Genesys Cloud for PureConnect Administrator's Guide.

Bridge Server Replacement

Beginning with CIC 2019 R4, Genesys Cloud Bridge replaces Pure Bridge. The integration name is now Genesys Cloud for PureConnect to reflect this change in architecture. Some important things to note:

  • Upgrading to CIC 2019 R4 from previous versions installs Genesys Cloud Bridge.

  • Installing Genesys Cloud Bridge removes Pure Bridge from the CIC server.

  • The integration installs Genesys Cloud Bridge only on the CIC server. Off-server bridge installation is no longer supported.

    Note: After upgrading to CIC 2019 R4 and deciding not to roll back to CIC 2019 R3, manually remove Pure Bridge from any off-server locations. Go to Windows Control Panel > Add Remove Programs > Uninstall Pure Bridge server.

  • You still configure the integration in Interaction Administrator under System Configuration. However the container and associated dialog boxes are now labeled Genesys Cloud instead of PureCloud.

  • After upgrading to CIC 2019 R4, it is possible to roll back to CIC 2019 R3 and use Pure Bridge. See How do I roll back to CIC 2019 R3 Bridge Server.

About the documentation

The Genesys Cloud for PureConnect Administrator's Guide explains to CIC administrators how to configure the Genesys Cloud for PureConnect Integration. Prior knowledge or experience with Genesys Cloud is not necessary.