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Reprocessing PMQ Files

PMQ is a queuing system that allows data destined for the database to queue to memory and/or disk when the database is temporarily unavailable, or if there is a backlog of data (the data generated by CIC temporarily exceeds the rate by which it can be inserted into the database). Use of this system guarantees that critical data generated by Reporting, Interaction Recorder, Interaction Tracker, etc. is not lost during expected (e.g. database maintenance, backups) or unexpected database outages. Not all CIC components that insert data into the CIC database use PMQ. For example, CIC Contacts and Speed Dial lists, as well as data inserted with the Database tools in Interaction Designer, do not use PMQ and thus require an active database connection.  Furthermore, PMQ does not guarantee availability of the data. For example, reports cannot be run, or archived recordings accessed, during database outages.  See the Database Logging section of the PureConnect Installation and Configuration Guide for more details.

Data recovery

When an interrupted database connection is once again available, PMQ enters recovery mode and processes I3P/I3C files on disk. PMQ always processes the oldest storage file first, in file name sequence number order. Once all messages within a storage file are processed, the I3P and I3C files are deleted.

When inserting data, and an unexpected error (other than the database being unavailable) occurs, the data is stored in a file with the extension ERR. For example, a table may have been unintentionally (and external to CIC) removed from the database, generating a SQL error when the insert is attempted. These .ERR files will not be reprocessed and will remain on disk until manually removed or renamed. To reprocess this data, rename the ERR files extension to I3P and restart the corresponding CIC subsystem.

However, if the condition that caused the original error still exists, the data will again fail to insert and generate another ERR file.

To process error files for IRServer (Recorder):

  1. Reprocess Tracker PMQ.

  2. Start Interaction Administrator.

  3. Navigate to the Interaction Recorder container.

  4. Click Configuration.

  5. Click the Recording Processing tab.

  6. Click Recover Errors.

  7. Click OK.

For the OptimizerServer subsystem, use the sendcustomnotification command:

  1. Open a command window on the CIC server, right-clicking and running as an administrator.

  2. Navigate to the I3\IC\Server directory (or the directory where you installed CIC).

  3. Run the following command: Sendcustomnotification OptimizerServer PMQRetry

This command allows the ERR files to be processed without having to manually rename the files with the I3P extension.