Utilities and Downloads

Sizing Calculators

Interaction Media Server Sizing Calculator



Interaction Recorder Storage Sizing Calculator


Estimates the number of Interaction Media Servers you will need for your deployment​.


Estimates the recordings storage space you will need for your deployment.

CIC Database Estimation Sizing Calculator



Spreadsheet to help determine the target size (initial data file size) of the CIC database.



ACSyslog utility



AI-powered Forecasting DB Script



ACSyslog utility used to look at both the SIP calls coming in, and their corresponding TDM calls. With an ACSyslog you can determine if the problem is due to gateway configuration or if it is placing a call to the TDM circuit, and then failing.


Scripts for changing the values assigned to the database parameters for AI-powered workforce management forecasting. For more information, see the PureConnect AI-Powered WFM Technical Reference​.

AI-powered Scheduling DB Script





Scripts for changing the values assigned to the database parameters for AI-powered workforce management scheduling. For more information, see the PureConnect AI-Powered WFM Technical Reference​.


Multi-track audio editor and recorder.


AudioCodes Syslog viewer



Crystal Reports Import Utility


AudioCodes log monitoring system tool


Wizard for importing new Crystal Reports into the system, rather than adding them through Interaction Administrator using XML editing to populate the necessary metadata. For more information, see the Crystal Reports Import Utility Technical Reference. Supports CIC 2015 R2 or later.

CSV Managed IP Phone Lists



CX Insights Deployment Containers


CSV lists (based on Template or Type, Manufacturer, and Model) for creating managed IP phones and associated SIP Stations in Interaction Administrator Managed IP Phone AssistantFor more information, see the CIC Managed IP Phones Administrator's Guide. Supports CIC 2015 R2 or later.


Containers and playbook files for deploying CX Insights with Microstrategy for PureConnect on-premises sites. Last updated: 2022 R1. Previous versions 2021 R3 2020 R4_P01, 2020 R4, 2020 R3 and 2020 R2. For more information, see the CX Insights Installation and Configuration Guide.


Datab​ase Schema Change Library




Database schema reports that describe the changes between your current CIC release/patch and a target CIC release/patch to assist you with upgrading your database customizations.


Web debugging tool for any browser, system, or platform.


GDPR Resource



GetHostID Utility


Microsoft SQL scripts required to comply with GDPR regulations. For more information, see "General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)" in the PureConnect Security Precautions Technical Reference.


Utility that gets the IC server Host ID before installation. For more information, see "Get Host ID" in the PureConnect Installation and Configuration Guide.


IC Database Scripts



IC Database Space Planning Spreadsheets


SQL and Oracle database scripts for the latest release and patch that customers can review before downloading the CIC .iso. For CIC 2016 R1 and later.


CIC and Optimizer database space planning spreadsheets, available in the IC Database Scripts download file. For CIC 2016 R2 and later.


IIS Media Services Installation from Microsoft



INI Viewer and Editor

Installation that Interaction Web Portal requires for streaming audio obtained from recordings for use with playback features.


Utility to view and edit Windows INI files.


Interaction Migrator



Interactio​n​ SIP B​ulk Caller


Utility included in the latest supported migration package that exports and imports IC configuration data and custom handlers. For more information, see the Interaction Migrator Technical Reference


Utility for sending and receiving SIP calls; and simulating station registrations. Requires a valid license; a trial license is available. For more information, see the Interaction SIP Bulk Caller Technical Reference. For CIC 2019 R4 and later.


Log Lion


Logskim Analysis Tool for ininlog Files


Productivity tool for viewing and analyzing log files.


Utility that reads ininlog files continuously, filters them (optional), and sends data to Elasticsearch, Sumologic, or Splunk servers directly. For installation and usage notes, see the Readme file included in the “.zip” file. For full command line usage, run logskim -h.


Media Server Diagnostic Capture Converter



Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client Utility


Converts Interaction Media Server diagnostic captures into a pcap file. For more information, see the ReadMe file included in the “.zip” file.


Utility that Interaction Dialer requires to be installed on every Customer Campaign Server (CCS). It can coexist with earlier versions of the SQL Server native client. For more information, see the 2019 R3 Release Notes and the Interaction Dialer Installation and Configuration Guide. For PureConnect 2019 R3 and later.




Password Checking Utility


Windows Installer package and merge module editor.


Document that describes the password checking utility that identifies users on an IC server who didn’t change their default password. The “PWCheckU.exe” file is available in the \I3\IC\Server root directory on the IC server.


PDPR Tool​​​ (Version 2.2.4)



Perfmon Deployment Utility


Tool that anonymizes records of private information to comply with GDPR regulations. It replaces the previous GDPR Resource “.zip” file that contained script files. For more information about using the PDPR tool, see the PureConnect Data Privacy Request Tool Administrator’s Guide.


Utility for configuring Perfmon to fit Genesys’ support standards for troubleshooting workstation and server performance issues.This link requires you to log in to the MySupport portal to access the KB article which contains the utility.


Phone Simulator



Process Explorer

Tool for pointing to an IC server and emulating a Polycom, Interaction SIP Station, or AudioCodes 420HD phone’s requests for configuration files. The tool downloads the files for viewing. The tool also runs all inheritance calculations and displays the results for all attributes in a searchable and filterable panel.


Program for determining which handlers and DLLs processes have opened or loaded.


Process Monitor


PureConnect Product Info Utility


Advanced monitoring tool for Windows that shows real-time file system, Registry, and process/thread activity.


Utility that PureConnect Customer Care and Testing teams can run as a console or UI application to diagnose installation issues. The utility creates and saves to the desktop a “.zip file” that contains the copied logs and generated reports. Starting with CIC 2015 R3 and later, the utility is available in the \Utilities share on the IC server.


Registry Workshop


Salesforce Object Routing Server


Advanced registry editor.


The Salesforce Object Routing server and related files are included in the linked .zip file (version 1.1.5). Follow the instructions for installation and configuration in the PureConnect for Salesforce documentation. To download the latest handler, see the Handler.


Sample Attribute Mapping Files for the LDAP Contact Directory



Sample Handler for Secure IVR



Sample attribute mapping files for connecting the LDAP contact directory to the IC Server. For more information, see the Using LDAP for CIC Contact Lists Technical Reference.


Handler that demonstrates a Secure IVR scenario for secure credit card data input by customer, secure data collection, secure data passage for validation, and secure response to agent or customer. For more information, see the Secure Input Technical Reference.


Snap Shot




CIC diagnostic utility for advanced IVR and call flow troubleshooting and automated log analysis.


Program that shows detailed listings of TCP and UDP endpoints, including local and remote addresses and TCP connections states.


VoiceXML Example Pack





Examples of passing data between VoiceXML and handlers.


Windows debugger for analyzing problems after Windows system failures.


Windows Installer Log Analyzer


Windows Performance Monitor


Tool for troubleshooting installation log files.


Tool for determining how programs affect a computer's performance, using real time and historical data.


Packet analyzer for network troubleshooting.