Public classAddInVersion
Information about the current AddIn API version. The AddIn API version is used to determine whether or not breaking changes have occurred in the API since the version an AddIn was compiled against.
Public classAddInVersionAttribute
An assembly-level attribute to indicate what version of the Interaction Client AddIn interface an AddIn was compiled against.
Public classAddInWindow
A base class for implementing an Interaction Client AddIn-based window.
Public classDuplicateWindowException
An exception thrown when a IWindow with the same category and identifier has already been registered.
Public classInteractionAttributes
A helper class that exposes some common interaction attribute names.
Public classInteractionAttributeValues
Helpers for common interaction attribute values.
Public classInteractionAttributeValues..::..CallType
Values for the CallType interaction attribute.
Public classInteractionAttributeValues..::..Direction
Values for the Direction interaction attribute.
Public classInteractionAttributeValues..::..InteractionType
Values for the InteractionType interaction attribute.
Public classInteractionAttributeValues..::..State
Values for the State interaction attribute.
Public classInteractionEventArgs
EventArgs that contain an interaction.
Public classNotificationServiceUtility
A helper class that adds common overloads (using defaults) to an INotificationService.
Public classQueueMonitor
A base class for monitoring an Interaction Center queue.
Public classScreenPop
A base class for implementing a screen pop Interaction Client AddIn.
Public classSecureInput
A base class for implementing a custom secure input Interaction Client AddIn.
Public classServiceNotFoundException
An exception thrown when a required service type is not found.
Public classWindowRegistrationParameters
A set of values used to register a window.


Public interfaceIAddIn
The base interface for an Interaction Client AddIn.
Public interfaceICallService
A service that enables the creating of call interactions.
Public interfaceIDialService Obsolete.
A service that exposes dial-related operations.
Public interfaceIInteraction
An interaction on the Interaction Center server.
Public interfaceIInteractionSelector
A service for retrieving the user's selected interaction.
Public interfaceIInteractionService
A service that returns interactions from specified interaction IDs.
Public interfaceINotificationService
A service that notifies the user using supplied information.
Public interfaceIQueue
A queue in the Interaction Center server.
Public interfaceIQueueService
An application service that returns a queue for a given queue name.
Public interfaceIScreenPop
Initiates a screen pop. Implement this interface and add an instance of the implementation to the IScreenPopService to enable the screen pop.
Public interfaceIScreenPopService
A service that manages IScreenPop instances.
Public interfaceISecureInput
Provides access to a custom secure input. Implement this interface and add an instance of the implementation to the ISecureInputService to make the custom secure input available.
Public interfaceISecureInputForm
A secure input form is a control (Windows Forms or WPF) that is embedded into a containing window and shown to the user in order to collect information before sending a caller into a secure IVR session.
Public interfaceISecureInputService
A service that manages ISecureInput instances.
Public interfaceITraceContext
A tracing context from which messages can be added to the Interaction Client log file.
Public interfaceIWatchedInteraction
An IInteraction that raises the InteractionChanged event when its attributes change.
Public interfaceIWindow
A window (also referred to as a "Page") in the Interaction Client user interface. Windows are added and removed by users.
Public interfaceIWindowManager
Windows registered with this interface are made available to the user in the "Pages" dialog, the same place that allows the user to add directory or queue "tabs" to the Interaction Client's user interface.


Public delegateCreateWindowDelegate
Delegate used to create a new IWindow.


Public enumerationNotificationType
The type, or severity, of a notification. This will, at a minimum, influence the notification icon.