Provides access to a custom secure input. Implement this interface and add an instance of the implementation to the ISecureInputService to make the custom secure input available.

Namespace: ININ.InteractionClient.AddIn
Assembly: ININ.InteractionClient.AddIn (in ININ.InteractionClient.AddIn.dll) Version: (


public interface ISecureInput
Visual Basic
Public Interface ISecureInput


A secure input is selected by the user. If the user selects a custom secure input, the Interaction Client will use the matching named form which was added to the ISecureInputService. Parameters configured by an administrator dictates what information is passed into the GetForm(IDictionary<(Of <<'(String, String>)>>)) method. In addition, interaction attributes (if available) specified by the AdditionalAttributes property will be included in the parameter dictionary given to the GetForm(IDictionary<(Of <<'(String, String>)>>)) method.

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