Register an IWindow with the Interaction Client. Once registered, this window will appear in the list of choices the user can select to add to their client user interface.

Namespace: ININ.InteractionClient.AddIn
Assembly: ININ.InteractionClient.AddIn (in ININ.InteractionClient.AddIn.dll) Version: (


void RegisterWindow<TWindow>(
	WindowRegistrationParameters registrationParameters,
	CreateWindowDelegate createWindow
where TWindow : IWindow
Visual Basic
Sub RegisterWindow(Of TWindow As IWindow) ( _
	registrationParameters As WindowRegistrationParameters, _
	createWindow As CreateWindowDelegate _


Type: ININ.InteractionClient.AddIn..::..WindowRegistrationParameters
The parameters to use when registering the window. Pass in a new instance of this class to specify category and window identifiers (unique IDs) and display names.
Type: ININ.InteractionClient.AddIn..::..CreateWindowDelegate
A delegate invoked by the Interaction Client when the registered window is being added to the user interface. This delegate should create a new instance of the window and return it. Use this, for example, if your window class (TWindow) does not have a default empty constructor and requires constructor arguments.

Type Parameters

The Type of the IWindow to register.


ININ.InteractionClient.AddIn..::..DuplicateWindowExceptionThrown when a window with the same WindowId and CategoryId has already been registered.

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