The TimeSequenceItem type exposes the following members.


Public propertyCampaignGroup
The CampaignGroup that is triggered by this Sequence Item
(Inherited from SequenceItem.)
Public propertyConditionType
Specifies the Type of Sequence Item this is: Event, Time or Stat.
(Inherited from SequenceItem.)
Public propertyDate
The date on which this SequenceItem will activate. (if TimeMode is ByDate)
Public propertyDays
Which days of each week this SequenceItem will activate. (if TimeMode is ByDay)
Public propertyId
The Id of the SequenceItem.
(Inherited from SequenceItem.)
Public propertyIgnoreGroups
Specifies whether this Sequence Item should be evaluated no matter which campaign group is active.
(Inherited from SequenceItem.)
Public propertyInAllGroups
Specifies whether this Sequence Item is a child of all campaign groups of the sequence definition that it belongs to.
(Inherited from SequenceItem.)
Public propertyIndex
Specifies the order to display and execute Sequence Item in relation to other Sequence Items in the Sequence.
(Inherited from SequenceItem.)
Public propertyInStartupGroup
Specifies whether this rule is a member of the unnamed group that the rule set evaluates first.
(Inherited from SequenceItem.)
Public propertyParentGroups
Named campaign groups (within the sequence Sequence) to which this sequence item represents.
(Inherited from SequenceItem.)
Public propertyTime
The time of day at which this SequenceItem will activate.
Public propertyTimeInterval
The number of minutes until this SequenceItem will activate again.
Public propertyTimeMode
Determines how this sequence will activate.

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