Possible types of errors that may occur.

Namespace: ININ.IceLib.Dialer.Supervisor
Assembly: ININ.IceLib.Dialer (in ININ.IceLib.Dialer.dll) Version: (


public enum DialerHistoryErrorType
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration DialerHistoryErrorType


Member nameValueDescription
None1 Message is not an error, check WarningType or InfoType
CampaignNotFound2 Campaign could not be found in the dialer cache.
CSCommunicationFailed3 Failure to register Dialer site with central campaign server.
MemoryAllocationFailed4 A memory allocation failed while trying to create a new object.
AgentPingFailed5 Agent automatically logged out because the connection between the agent's scripter application and Dialer was lost.
LinegroupNotActive6 Configured linegroup is not active on the server.
CallIdNotFound7 Call ID attribute not present among contact attributes
CampaignIdNotFound8 Campaign ID not found among contact attributes
UnknownException9 An unknown exception occurred
Win32Exception10 A Win32 exception occurred
TranServerNotStarted11 Dialer TranServer failed t ostart
TranServerRestarting12 Dialer TranServer is restarting because of too many hung threads
COMException13 A COM exception occurred
Exception14 An exception occurred
UnknownException215 An unknown exception occurred
NotifierError16 A notifier request failed
NoFields17 Insert or update operation was aborted because there was no data to process
InvalidDateFormat18 Data passed in as a date value could not be parsed
ContactListUpdateWarning19 Warnings were generated while processing a database update
WorkgroupNotActive20 The ACD workgroup is not active on the server
TableValidationFailed21 An error occurred while validating a database table
PolicySetLoadFailed22 A policy set could not be loaded by the campaign server.
ContactsLeftQueryFailed23 A query for the number of remaining contacts failed
PolicyMessage24 A policy reported an error
BadConnection25 A connection to the database could not be established
SQLFailed26 A SQL operation failed to complete
BehaviorFailed27 A behavior failed to run properly
EventInterfaceNotFound28 An event interface object was not found in the global interface table.
CreateEvalVisitorFailed29 An error occurred while attempting to evaluate a rule item
WriteXMLFailed30 The campaign server was unable to read/write the xml configuration file.
ClientObjectNotFound31 The campaign server management interface pointer could not be obtained
InvalidObjectId32 An operation failed because the requested object identifier was not found
StatInitFailed33 The campaigin server's request for statistic data failed
TableCommitFailed34 The campaign server was unable to commit table properties to the configuration file.
MaxCSThreadCountReached35 The campaign server has reached the maximum number of threads allowed, typically because all processing threads are hung.
GetRecycleSizeFailed36 Unable to retrieve the number of contacts left in the current recycle
RuleActionMessage37 An error was reported by a rule action
PropertyLoadFailed38 An error occurred while trying to load a property
ActiveStationLookupFailed39 An error occurred while looking up the active station for an agent
TableInitializationFailed40 A database table could not be initialized or validated
StatusMessage41 An error status message was deactivated
MalformedContactListUpdate42 A contact list updated was in an incorrect format
CampaignErrorThresholdExceeded43 A campaign was paused because it exceeded the maximum number of errors
CampaignGetContactColumnsFailed44 A campaign was paused because it could not load the contact columns

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