Public classAgentManager
Public classContactListPenetration
Overview: The penetration rate is a new Dialer 4.0 feature. It allows a customer to run reports that show the number of contacts that were contacted (the numerator) versus a number of records in a contact list (the denominator).
Public classDialerHealthMonitor
Provides capabilities to monitor the current status and history of active campaigns and Dialer in general.
Public classDialerHistoryMessage
A brief summary of an event that occurred within some Dialer-related process.
Public classDialerStatusMessage
A brief diagnostic summary of Dialer-related processes that can be useful for troubleshooting issues.
Public classRuleManager
A class that exposes methods that can be applied directly to rules.
Public classStatusMessageReceivedEventArgs
Provides data for the StatusMessageReceived event of the DialerHealthMonitor class.


Public structureContactListPenetration..::..ContactListPenetrationData
Structure that defines a segment of an upload. For any given upload, it will contain two rows per contact column (one for all values and one for unique values) + one row per contact list to account for all contacts.
Public structureContactListPenetration..::..ContactListPenetrationRate
This structure holds the number of records returned by the GetPenetrationRate for the numerator, denominator and the Penetration Rate.
Public structureContactListPenetration..::..ContactListPenetrationUpload
This structure gives all of the information necessary to compute the denominator for the penetration rate per upload Id.


Public delegateStatusMessageReceivedEventHandler
Handles a StatusMessageReceived event.


Public enumerationDialerHistoryErrorType
Possible types of errors that may occur.
Public enumerationDialerHistoryInformationType
Possible types of informational events that may occur.
Public enumerationDialerHistoryMessageSeverity
Possible levels of severity for a message.
Public enumerationDialerHistoryWarningType
Possible types of warnings that may occur.
Public enumerationDialerStatusMessageSeverity
The level of seriousness of a status message.
Public enumerationDialerStatusMessageType
Possible types of status messages.
Public enumerationDialerStatusMessageUpdateType
Possible types of updates that a status message may undergo.