Overview: The penetration rate is a new Dialer 4.0 feature. It allows a customer to run reports that show the number of contacts that were contacted (the numerator) versus a number of records in a contact list (the denominator).

Namespace: ININ.IceLib.Dialer.Supervisor
Assembly: ININ.IceLib.Dialer (in ININ.IceLib.Dialer.dll) Version: (


public class ContactListPenetration
Visual Basic
Public Class ContactListPenetration


The upload ID is a sequential number that is created every time a new contact list is uploaded or contacts are added to an existing contact list via the Import Contact List Wizard. This new Upload ID is then assigned to the new contacts. This assignment is done through a new column "I3_UPLOAD_ID" in the contact list. In parallel, a new row is added in the Upload table.

I3_<ContactListName>_PEN: This table contains the information that will figure into the numerator. It contains one row for each completed call of the corresponding contact list table.


I3PenetrationUpload: A new row is added in this table every time contacts added to a contact list. That's where the UploadID is stored. It is an integer that gets incremented every time a new row is added in this table.


I3PenetrationRange: This table will support value ranges of arbitrary contact list columns. There will be one row per range per column per upload ID.

I3PenetrationData: Table that stores the actual penetration data. It will contain two rows per contact column (one for all values and one for unique values) + one row per contact list to account for all contacts.

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