Possible types of warnings that may occur.

Namespace: ININ.IceLib.Dialer.Supervisor
Assembly: ININ.IceLib.Dialer (in ININ.IceLib.Dialer.dll) Version: (


public enum DialerHistoryWarningType
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration DialerHistoryWarningType


Member nameValueDescription
None1000 Message is not an warning, check ErrorType or InfoType
InboundStatMonitorFailed1001 An error occurred while attempting to enable workgroup period stats
AgentNotLoggedIn1002 A requested action was ignored because the associated agent is not logged into the campaign
AgentNotActive1003 A requested action was ignored because the associated agent is not active in the campaign
CampaignAdminPause1004 A campaign has been manually paused
InteractionNotFound1005 An interaction could not be found in the dialer cache
BadScheduledDate1006 The scheduled date passed in from the script was invalid
AmbiguousCall1007 A call was placed and routed to an agent, but not completed
CampaignNotOn1008 The campaign will not be started because it is not configured as active.
NoPhoneNumber1009 A contact does not have a callable phone number
NoLinesAvailable1010 No lines available in the linegroup
CPUPause1011 All campaigns are paused until CPU utilization drops below the configured point
AgentNotFound1012 An agent could not be found in the dialer cache
CampaignCompleted1013 A campaign has stopped because it has completed the maximum number of recycles
ForcedPowerModeOn1014 A campaign has entered forced power dialing mode because its abandon rate exceeded the maximum rate.
BlendedPause1015 Predicitions made for a campaign are paused because the number of inbound calls is greater than the configured maximum for the workgroup.
PolicyMessage1016 A policy reported a warning
RuleActionMessage1017 A rule action reported a warning
DispositionIgnored1018 An agent attempted to disposition an interaction that he/she does not own.
PaceAdjustedManually1019 A campaign's pace was manually adjusted
AgentAvailableNoDisposition1020 An agent changed to an available status prior to call disposition
StatusMessage1021 A warning status message was deactivated
DialingCompliance1022 Calling compliance warning reported

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