Represents a callback interaction within the Interaction Center system. Callback interactions occur when agents call a customer in accordance with a callback request.

Namespace: ININ.IceLib.Interactions
Assembly: ININ.IceLib.Interactions (in ININ.IceLib.Interactions.dll) Version: (


public class CallbackInteraction : Interaction
Visual Basic
Public Class CallbackInteraction _
	Inherits Interaction


To set a callback request to completed, call the SetCompletion(CallbackSetCompletionParameters) method and provide a boolean to indicate success or failure. When the asynchronous method returns it invokes the completedCallback delegate.

Calling properties on this object without a watch in place raises the NotCachedException.

The asynchronous methods are preferred since the stop completion task can be lengthy.

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Version Information

Supported for IC Server version 2015 R1 and beyond.
For 4.0, supported for IC Server version 4.0 GA and beyond.
For 3.0, supported for IC Server version 3.0 GA and beyond.

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