Allows attribute level monitors on the Interaction Center system.

Namespace: ININ.IceLib.Interactions
Assembly: ININ.IceLib.Interactions (in ININ.IceLib.Interactions.dll) Version: (


public class InteractionAttributeMonitor
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Public Class InteractionAttributeMonitor


Use this class to be notified of interactions that have an attribute set to a specific value. For ex. an application would like to know about attributes "Eic_State, Eic_CallId" on all interactions that have CallClassification attribute set to "Emergency". Please refer to ININ.People.UserDataSettings.AllowedClassificationList to get a list of call classifications that you have access to.


CallClassification attribute set to "Emergency" can be represented by AttributeMonitorId. InteractionAttributeMonitor should be used to
string attributeValue = "Emergency";

InteractionsManager manager = InteractionsManager.GetInstance(_Session);

AttributeMonitorId monitorId = new AttributeMonitorId(InteractionAttributeName.CallClassification, attributeValue);
InteractionAttributeMonitor monitor = new InteractionAttributeMonitor(manager, monitorId);

string[] attributes = new string[] { "Eic_State", "Eic_CallId" };

The object "monitor" will start receiving notifications as long as CallClassification attribute is set to "Emergency" on any interactions. InteractionAttributesEventArgs contains the interactions that match AttributeMonitorId.

When monitoring emergency calls, be sure to monitor the following attributes. These attributes contain originating station's (the station from which emergency call was made) emergency information.

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Version Information

Supported for IC Server version 2015 R1 and beyond.
For 4.0, supported for IC Server version 4.0 GA and beyond.
For 3.0, supported for IC Server version 3.0 SU 6 and beyond.

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