The CtiConfiguration type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAttributeMappings
Provides access to the property representing the configurations for this configuration list (use Property.CtiAttributeMaps).
Public propertyChanged
Indicates if this object has been modified since it was retrieved from the server.
(Inherited from EditableListConfigurationObject<(Of <(<'TPropertyEnum>)>)>.)
Public propertyConfigurationId
Gets the configuration ID. (Use Property.Id and Property.DisplayName to filter or sort on this property.)
(Inherited from ListConfigurationObject.)
Public propertyCreateCallLogForInternalCalls
Create a call log for internal calls.
Public propertyCreateCallLogOnInteractionsNotConnected
Create Salesforce Call Log Activity on Interactions that have not been connected.
Public propertyIsNewObject
Gets a value indicating whether this object is a new object.
(Inherited from ConfigurationObject.)
Public propertyOpenAndEditCallLogOnDisconnect
When an Interaction disconnects, the Salesforce Call Log will automatically open in edit mode in the Last Calls section of the Softphone.
Public propertyOriginalConfigurationId
Following a commit, this will be equivalent to the configuration ID that was assigned to this object prior to the commit.
(Inherited from ListConfigurationObject.)
Public propertyPopAccountCodeDialogOnDisconnect
When an Interaction disconnects, pop the account code dialog.
Public propertyPropertiesChanged
Gets the properties that have been changed.
Public propertySaveWrapTimeField
Save wrap up time.
Public propertySendScreenPopOnAlerting
Add inbound interaction to Salesforce Softphone on Alerting event.
Public propertyShowAdvancedTransferButton
Determines if the advanced transfer dialog should be shown in the CTI.
Public propertyShowSpeedDial
Determines if the speed dial should be shown in the CTI.
Public propertySpeedDialDirectory
Directory name to use for the speed dial.
Public propertySpeedDialNumber
Contact number to use in the speed dial.
Public propertyStandardProperties
Provides access to the various standard properties, such as DateLastModified, DateCreated and Notes.
Public propertyUseAdvancedDial
Use the advanced dial functionality.

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