Call failure codes describing the results of an attempt to place a call.

Namespace: ININ.IceLib.Interactions
Assembly: ININ.IceLib.Interactions (in ININ.IceLib.Interactions.dll) Version: (


public enum MakeCallFailureCode
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration MakeCallFailureCode


Member nameValueDescription
None0 There was no failure code.
UnexpectedMessageFormat1 The response to the make call request used an unexpected message format.
Authentication2 Failed to authenticate the request to make call.
Cancelled3 The command was cancelled.
Timeout4 The command timeout period elapsed.
InvalidVersion5 The version of the message protocol used in the response was invalid.
InvalidApiVersion6 Command attempted to use an invalid Telephony Service API Version.
NoneRunningAsync7 No error occurred, the comamnd is running asynchronously.
CallDoesNotExist8 The call no longer exists.
QueueNotFound9 The requested queue was not found.
InvalidQueue10 The requested queue is invalid.
InvalidStation11 The requested station is invalid.
StationNotActive12 The requested station is not active.
ConferenceDoesNotExist13 The requested conference no longer exists.
ConferenceNotEmpty14 The requested conference is not empty.
ActiveNotInterrupted15 The active call was not interrupted.
InvalidLine16 The requested line was invalid.
LineNotActive17 The requested line was not active.
LineAlreadyUsedByStation18 The line is already in use by station.
NoStationVolume19 The requested station does not support volume control.
MaximumNumberOfCallAppearancesReached20 The maximum number of call appearances has been reached.
NoVoiceResource21 No voice resources were available.
NoConferenceResource22 No conference resources were available.
NoIpResource23 No IP resources were available.
InvalidCallState24 The call is in an invalid state.
InvalidLineState25 The line is in an invalid state.
InvalidCallType26 The call type is not valid.
TargetSelf27 Call targeted self.
InvalidStationState28 The station is in an invalid state.
InvalidNumber29 The requested number is invalid.
OutboundCallLimitExceeded30 The outbound call limit has been exceeded.
NoAnswer31 The call was not answered.
NoRingback32 No ringback was received on the call.
NoDialTone33 No tone was present on the call.
NormalBusy34 The call received a normal busy signal.
NoCircuitAvailable35 No circuits were available to complete the call.
OperatorIntercept36 The call was intercepted by an operator.
AnsweringMachineConnection37 The call failed due to an answering machine connection.
DestinationNotReachedUnknown38 The destination could not be reached for an unknown reason.
NoRemoteFaxTone39 A fax tone was not detected on the remote connection.
NoAvailableVMSession40 No available VM session.
NoLinesAvailable41 There were no lines available to make the call.
StationNotReached42 The station is unreachable.
StationNotReachedNoAnswer43 There was no answer on the line used to contact the station.
StationNotReachedNoRingback44 There was no ringback on the line used to contact the station.
StationNotReachedNoDialTone45 There was no dial tone on the line used to contact the station.
StationNotReachedBusy46 The station was busy.
StationNotReachedSitToneDetected47 A special information tone (SIT) was detected when contacting the station.
StationNotReachedNoCircuitsAvailable48 There were no circuits available to contact the station.
StationNotReachedOperatorIntercept49 An operator intercept occurred on the line used to contact the station.
StationNotReachedNoIpResponse50 There was no IP response on the line used to contact the station.
NoIpResponse51 Obsolete. Use StationNotReachedNoIpResponse instead.
StationNotReachedNoLinesAvailable52 There were no lines available to contact the station.
Private53 The call is private.
NotPrivate54 The call is not private.
AlreadyPrivate55 The call is already private.
NotMuted56 The call is not muted.
AlreadyMuted57 The call is already muted.
MuteIntercom58 Cannot mute an intercom call.
General59 A general telephony failure.
OrbitInUse60 Park orbit already in use.
ReOrder61 A re-order (fast busy) tone was detected.
Rfc2833Required62 RFC 2833 is required.
SitToneDetected63 A Special Information Tone (SIT) was detected on the line used to contact the station.
SubsystemFailure64 There was a subsystem failure that caused the call to fail.
RtpCodecNotSupported65 Obsolete. The RTP Codec is not supported.
DialplanError66 Obsolete. The call was disconnected due to a dial plan error.
InsufficientDialingPrivileges67 Obsolete. The Call was disconnected due to insufficient dialing privileges.
UnrecognizedError68 The error code did not map to an existing MakeCallFailureCode.

Version Information

Supported for IC Server version 2015 R1 and beyond.
For 4.0, supported for IC Server version 4.0 GA and beyond.
For 3.0, supported for IC Server version 3.0 SU 6 and beyond.
For 2.4, supported for IC Server version 2.4 SU 35 and beyond.

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