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Genesys PureConnect End of Life Policy

This worldwide End of Life (EOL) Policy applies to Genesys PureConnect On-Premises and Cloud products. The EOL Policy ensures that Partners and Customers have ample notice regarding Genesys plans t​o stop selling and supporting products or product versions. The EOL Policy allows Customers to plan the evolution and migration of their Genesys deployments well in advance of products reaching End of Support (EOS).​1​  For additional products, see the Genesys End of Life Products  page.

EOL Information

The End of Life Products page​ lists the EOL schedule for all products and releases that have been announced as End of Life, product versions, and the dates of the milestones leading up to the EOS date.

EOL Migration Path

When EOL is announced for a product, a recommended migration path to alternative products and/or services will be provided in the announcement when applicable. However, Genesys makes no representations or warranties concerning whether the alternative product will offer all or some of the same or similar features​.

Customers then-under a Maintenance Term will be offered replacement product, as an update to EOL product, at no cost if, in Genesys’ reasonable determination, the replacement product is equivalent to the EOL product, and the replacement product contains no additional features or functions​.

Certain costs may, however, be included in an otherwise no-cost replacement migration, such as (but not limited to): third party product, ancillary licenses, implementation, and other professional services. Customers must be under a current maintenance term to obtain maintenance and/or support, as applicable, from Genesys during the entire End of Life schedule. To this end, customers need to ensure that they have fully paid for their then-current maintenance term and continue to meet all applicable requirements and responsibilities as set forth in their Master Software License and Support Agreement. If you have questions about your current maintenance and support status, please contact your account manager.

EOL Schedule

As a general rule, Genesys will adhere to the schedule outlined below for EOL products and/or versions.2

In general, the EOL Announcement and Last Order Date do not apply to the PureConnect continuous deployment model of quarterly releases. Each PureConnect release (e.g., PureConnect 2017 R2) receives 18 months of software updates from the date of release, followed by an additional 18 months of support services before the standard support period expires. Additional maint​enance and support on an expired release can be purchased via the PureConnect Extended Care option. The most efficient way to receive software updates and support is to update to a currently supported release. See the PureConnect Maintenance and Support Cycle​ for details about software maintenance releases.

EOL Announcement Date: This is a general announcement for the Last Order Date (LOD) of commercially available Genesys products and the corresponding End of Maintenance (EOM) and End of Support (EOS) dates. After the EOL announcement date, it will no longer be possible to quote product(s) or Maintenance and Support for the EOL products to new customers. Until the LOD, it will still be possible to quote add-on orders for additional seats (or other previously ordered license unit type/license element), or Maintenance and Support renew​als for customers who already have the applicable EOL product(s) installed. Notwithstanding the foregoing, outstanding quotes issued prior to the EOL announcement date will be honored until expiration of the validity date.

LOD - Last Order date: The ultimate date on which any additional units of an EOL product can be ordered. On and after the LOD, no new quotes for such units will be issued or accepted.

EOM - End of Maintenance:  From this date, no releases (fixes, updates, etc.) will be available for an EOL product.

EOS - End of Support:  From this date, all Genesys Maintenance and Support obligations cease.  

[1] Genesys reserves the right to revise this EOL Policy from time to time. Any substantive changes shall become effective sixty (60) days from and after the "First Posting Date" (i.e., the first date such revisions were made available to Genesys customers and partners through the Customer Care portal). It is each customer's and partner's responsibility to visit the Customer Care portal from time to time to learn about EOL policy changes and new EOL announcements.

[2] Genesys will make reasonable efforts to follow the same timing for any third-party products that it OEMs or resells; however, Genesys is unable to guarantee that the third-party supplies will comply.