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CIC integrates with Interaction Speech Recognition (a native Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine) or third-party ASR software to provide speech recognition capabilities. You can use Interaction Speech Recognition for self-service applications and IVR menu navigation. Interaction Speech Recognition listens for a caller’s speech, converts it to data, and sends it to CIC for processing.

CIC also supports Interaction Text to Speech (a native Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine) that's incorporated within Interaction Media Server. It uses a speech synthesizer to read text and speak it to a caller over the telephone, such as an email message. You can use TTS through CIC handlers that you create or modify using Interaction Designer, VoiceXML, and Interaction Attendant.

Release Notes

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Speech Documentation

Automated Speech Recognition Technical Reference

CIC Text to Speech Engines Technical Reference

Interaction Speech Recognition Technical Reference




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Interaction Attendant

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Developer Resources

Interaction Designer

CIC Speech Recognition Overview Technical Reference

CIC VoiceXML Integration with Nuance Dialog Modules Version 5.2 Development Application Note

CIC VoiceXML Integration with Nuance Dialog Modules Version 6.1 Development Application Note

VoiceXML Technical Reference

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Additional Resources

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