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PureConnect Release Notes


This web application enables you to view the Release Notes for PureConnect from the latest to the oldest, back to CIC 4.0 GA. It also includes the Readme topics for the last six releases of PureConnect.

You can use full-text search, release filters, and a product filter to display only the content that is most important to you. This web application fully supports the latest versions of the following web browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox

The Product notices section contains notifications about changes in sales and support status for Genesys products or third-party products.

See also CIC for Salesforce Release Notes and What's new in CIC for Salesforce .

For a webinar presentation about new features introduced in recent CIC releases, see the Webinars page in the Self Help section of the PureConnect Customer Care site (requires credentials).

You can also view all Release Notes in the PureConnect Documentation Library. For a printable PDF version of the Release Notes, see the Printable Documentation pages.

Each PureConnect release and patch generates Readme and Summary files. You can view the PureConnect Readme and Summary files on the following PureConnect Product Information website (requires credentials):


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