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PureConnect Printable Documentation

The PureConnect printable documentation provides print versions in .pdf format (and .doc format where indicated) of the PureConnect help systems. The source files for the quick reference materials and user guides are also available in .doc, .vsd, or .pub formats for partners who want to make their own customized versions of these documents.

Printing hard copy documentation

Some localized versions of printable documentation and some French versions of online documentation are available.

Printable Help Documentation 


PureConnect Release Notes

CX Insights Help

Interaction Administrator Help

Interaction Administrator Web Help

Analytics Help

 Interaction ​Attendant Help

 Interaction Client DDE API Developer's Guide

 Interaction Conference Administrator's Guide

 Interaction Conference User's Guide

 Interaction Connect Help

Interaction Data Extractor Help

Interaction Designer COM API Help

Interaction Designer Help

 Interaction Desktop Framework Help

 Interaction Desktop Help

Interaction Dialer Manager Help (PureConnect Outbound)

Interaction Fax Cover Page Editor Help

Interaction Fax Help

 Interaction Feedback Help

Interaction Host Recorder Help

Interaction Marquee Help

Interaction Optimizer Help (in ICBM)

 Interaction Optimizer Help (CIC Web Applications)

 Interaction Process Automation Designer Help

Interaction Process Automation Monitor Help

Interaction Process Automation Work Item Client Help

Interaction Process Automation Work Item Viewer Help

Interaction Quality Manager Help

 Interaction Recorder Client Help

​​​ Interaction Recorder Extreme Query Help

Interaction Recorder Policy Editor Help

 Interaction Report Assistant Help

Interaction Reporter Help

Interaction Scripter Client Help (PureConnect Outbound)

Interaction Scripter Developer's Guide (PureConnect Outbound)

Interaction Supervisor Help

Interaction Tracker Help

 Interaction Voicemail Player Help

Interaction Web Portal Help

 ​Log Viewer Help

Oracle Service Cloud Integration Help

PureConnect for Salesforce Help

Salesforce Connector Help

Salesforce Object Routing Connector Help

Salesforce Object Routing Server  Help

 ​SIP Soft Phone Help

 ​SOAP API Developer's Guide

 ​SOAP Notifier COM API Developer's Guide

Printable Quick Reference Materials



AudioCodes 420HD


Interaction Desktop Operator Console Quick Reference Card


Interaction Desktop Quick Reference Card


Interaction Mobile Office Quick Reference Guide


Polycom Soundpoint 330/320 Phone Card


Polycom Soundpoint 430 Phone Card


Polycom Soundpoint 450 Phone Card


Polycom Soundpoint 560/670 Phone Card


Polycom Spectrlink 8400 WiFi Series


Polycom VVX 300/310/400/410 Phone Card


Polycom VVX 500/600 Phone Card


SIP Station Quick Reference Card


SIP Station II Quick Reference Card


Telephone User Interface Quick Reference Wallet Card


Printable User's Guides



Interaction Connect Quick Start Guide


Interaction Desktop Quick Start Guide


Telephone User Interface User's Guide  


The Quick Reference Materials help contains all Customer Interaction Center user's guides and reference cards available.