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PureConnect Cloud Resources

We use this section of the documentation library to provide articles, best practices and procedures that pertain exclusively to PureConnect Cloud—the hosted version of PureConnect.

PureConnect is the all-in-one multichannel communications solution for mid- to large-sized organizations. PureConnect can run on-premises or in the cloud. For customers who prefer hosted Communications as a Service, PureConnect Cloud provides the same great feature set. PureConnect and PureConnect Cloud are both powered by Customer Interaction Center (CIC). For more general information about PureConnect, see the PureConnect Cloud product data sheet and PureConnect web page.

PureConnect Cloud customers use the same applications and services as on-premises PureConnect customers. The PureConnect Documentation Library provides general guidance for using either platform. But some differences exist.

PureConnect Cloud Documentation

The following articles apply solely to PureConnect Cloud:

Enhanced 911 (E911) Implementation

PureConnect Cloud includes an enhanced 911 service. It is mandatory that all customers who purchased Genesys Provided Telco configure Enhanced 911 service. See Configure Enhanced 911.

PureConnect Cloud Customer Handbook

The PureConnect Cloud Customer Handbook provides information about how the PureConnect Cloud service is designed, maintained, and provided on a daily basis. It also covers education requirements, options, customizations, public IP addresses, and requirements.

Custom Interaction Dialer scripts in PureConnect Cloud

Genesys Professional Services writes custom scripts for PureConnect Cloud customers who use Interaction Dialer to conduct outbound campaigns. The URL of each custom script is defined in Interaction Administrator and must be specified in a special way. See Custom Interaction Dialer Scripts in PureConnect Cloud.