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Answer an Incoming Interaction

These instructions assume that you are answering an interaction in My Interactions.

The CIC client can notify you of incoming interactions by:

  • Ringing your telephone (if your CIC administrator has configured calls to ring on your desktop telephone).

  • Emitting a ring through your computer’s speakers.

  • Displaying a Desktop Alert.

  • Automatically selecting an interaction.

Note: If your user information in Interaction Administrator is configured to Auto-Answer ACD Interactions or Auto-Answer non-ACD Interactions, incoming interactions can be automatically picked up. Another Interaction Administrator configuration option can enable or disable Auto-Answer for incoming calls on a SIP station. When Auto-Answer is correctly configured, you are automatically connected to incoming interactions. Popup blockers can prevent auto-answer email windows from opening. If you want to use the Auto-Answer feature, you may need to configure your browser or popup blocker software to allow popup windows in the CIC client.

To pick up your call:

  • If you are not connected to another call, do one of the following:

    •  Pick up your telephone handset and the call automatically connects, and you can begin speaking.

    • Click the Pickup button on the Queue Control toolbar.

  • If you are currently connected to another call, click the Pickup button.

Result: This action connects you to the call and places on hold any other calls to which you are connected.