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Request a Shift Trade

Requirements: You need the Customize Client Security right to display the My Shift Trading view. For additional requirements, see Agent Optimizer Features and Requirements.

You can indicate the shift you want to trade and search for a trade request that matches. If you don't find a match, you can post a trade request that other agents can view.

Note: Interaction Optimizer does not automatically adjust for mandated breaks or meal times when you trade a shift. Also, the activities in the shift for which you trade can remain unchanged or be replaced by ACD activities. This is controlled by CIC configuration options.

  1. In the My Shift Trading tab, click Search Trades.

  2. In the Trade away Time on section, select the date and times you are scheduled to work and want to trade away.

Note: You can adjust the Start and End times to trade all or part of your shift.

  1. In the Select a day to work section, select the day you want to work instead.

Note: Matches for your proposed trade are indicated in the Exact Matches and Recommended Matches columns.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Select an acceptable matching trade in the Select a day to work section and click Accept Trade.

Result: The trade is either approved automatically or set to wait for administrator review. You are finished with this trade request.

    • If there are no acceptable matching trades, click Post New Trade.

Result: The Post New Trade dialog box appears. Continue to the next step.

  1. Indicate the type of match you will accept.

    1. Verify the Trade away time on date is correct.

    2. Select one of the following:

Exact match

You want only to trade for a shift with exactly the selected Start and End times.

Variable start time

You will accept a trade for a shift that starts later than your regularly scheduled shift.

Variable end time

Select this if you will accept a trade for a shift that ends at a different time than your regularly scheduled shift.

    1. If needed, adjust variable start and end times as needed for an acceptable trade:

Min Start

Earliest shift start time

Max Start

Latest shift start time

Min End

Earliest shift end time

Max End

Latest shift end time

  1. In the Select a day to work section:

    1. Select the check boxes for days you would work in trade.

    2. If needed, adjust the Min Start and Max Start times for a selected day.

  2. In the Request expires on section, set an expiration date and time for your shift trade request.

  3. Click Submit Request.