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Change a User's Activated Workgroups

Requirements: You need the Interaction Supervisor Plug-In: Workgroups license. To use this license, you must also enable supervisor features. You also need the Modify Workgroup Queues Access Control right for the selected workgroup.

If you have the appropriate license and right, you can manage other users' workgroup activation status from various places in Interaction Connect.

You can launch the dialog for managing a user's activation status from these places in Interaction Connect:

  • Directory views, like the Company Directory or a Workgroup Directory

  • Agent Statistics view

To change the workgroup activation status for a selected user:

  1. Do one of the following:

  1. Optionally, in the Manage Activations dialog box, type all or part of a workgroup's name in the Search text box.

  2. Click the activation status toggle switches to activate or deactivate the selected user in a selected workgroup.

Note: A green checkmark indicates the agent is activated. A red X indicates the agent is deactivated.

  1. Click Change Activations.

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