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Manage Alerts dialog box

Requirements: See Manage Alerts.

Use this dialog to add, edit, copy, and delete your alerts. You select a statistic, define the conditions for the alert, and optionally, select one or more actions triggered when the alert occurs.

To access the Manage Alerts dialog box, do one of the following:

  • Click the menu icon and then click Manage Alerts.

  • In the Active Alerts view, click the hyperlink in the Statistic column for the selected alert.

  • In the Active Alerts view, double-click anywhere in the row for the selected alert.

Using the Manage Alerts dialog box


The alerts you have configured.

Tip: In ICBM, you can display alerts configured by other users, if you have Master Administrator Access Rights.


Highlighting indicates the selected alert. The white circle indicates unsaved changes.


The name of the selected alert uniquely identifies it by the selections made in its definition.


Use the plus (+) and minus (-) signs to add and remove alert rules.


The alert color corresponds to its severity.


Icons correspond to the actions selected for this alert.


An error exists that prevents you from saving changes to this alert. Expand this section to identify and correct the error.


Expand an action section and make selections that define the action.


Notice that the Save option is not available until you correct any errors.