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Place a Call on Hold

You can place any connected call on hold. Depending on the hold behavior your CIC administrator configures, callers on hold hear a combination of music and messages. If on-hold music is enabled (the default behavior), you can eliminate on-hold music by clicking the Mute button. This is particularly important when you are a party in a conference call hosted by someone who is not on your CIC server and wish to put the call on hold without disrupting the call with hold music. By default, Conference calls hosted on your local CIC server do not play on-hold music when a conference party clicks the Hold button.

Note: Your CIC administrator can also configure whether you can receive another call when you place one on hold.

To place a call on hold:

  1. If the call is not already selected, click the call to select it.

Note: If the Hold button is unavailable, the interaction is not in a state that can be placed on hold.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Click the Hold button.

    • Right-click the call and choose Hold from the menu that appears.

Result: The Hold button now has a lower edge border and the call’s state changes to Held.

  1. To suppress on-hold music for the other party (or parties in a remote server hosted conference), click the Mute button before or after clicking the Hold button.

  2. To take the call off hold, select the call and click Hold again.

    Result: The Hold button is no longer selected and the call’s state changes to Connected.

Tip: Your CIC administrator can configure a maximum hold time for interactions. By default, interactions on hold for longer than fifteen minutes are disconnected. Your administrator can change the amount of time an interaction can remain on hold and the behavior that occurs once the hold time is exceeded. For example, your administrator may choose to transfer interactions on hold longer than twenty minutes to another queue. For more information, see your CIC administrator.

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