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Secure Pause a Recording

Requirements: See Secure Record Pause.

You can use Secure Pause to avoid recording sensitive information, such as a Social Security number or credit card number, during a call. This procedure assumes you are currently connected to a call. You do not have to be currently recording the call interaction.

Note: The Secure Pause button is enabled when you select the parent interaction (call), not the recording.

To secure pause a recording:

Result: Your recording of the interaction (and all recordings by any other monitors of this interaction) are paused for a configured period of time. The Secure Pause button displays a countdown timer of how long all recordings will continue to be paused. The Secure Pause does not end until the timer reaches zero.

  • You can press Secure Pause again during a pause to reset the countdown timer to the maximum duration of a pause.

Tip: Pressing Secure Pause multiple times during a pause does not increase the duration beyond the maximum time limit. The maximum duration of a Secure Pause is configured in Interaction Administrator. Contact your CIC administrator if you have questions about the length of a Secure Pause.

Note: The final recording contains a beep to indicate secure (non-recorded) segments. The recording does not play silence during the secure pause segment. These segments are omitted from the recording.

Warning: Genesys disclaims any responsibility for end-user or licensee to comply with federal or state law restrictions regarding Record, Snip, or Listen capabilities of CIC software. The licensee hereby warrants and represents that the end-user or licensee will use the product in compliance with any federal or state law.

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