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Status Summary

Requirements: You need the View Directory Status Columns Access Control right to all or selected Status columns to enable you to add Status columns to a directory view.

You can add a Status Summary column to your Company Directory view. The Status Summary column displays icons that enable you to tell at a glance if someone is available, logged onto the CIC client, and if they are on the phone. For more information about adding a column to a directory, see Customize Columns.

The Status Summary column uses these icons:

  • The first icon corresponds to the user’s current status. For more information, see Possible Status Values.

  • The second icon indicates whether the user is logged onto the CIC client. A check mark means the user is logged on; an X means that the user is not logged on.

  • A phone receiver icon appears in the third position if the user is currently on the telephone. If the user is not on the phone, the third position is blank.

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