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Customize Columns

Requirements: The Customize Client Security Right enables you to customize columns.

Any changes you make to the order and size of columns are persisted between logons to the same CIC server from the same web browser. A horizontal scroll bar appears as needed if the total width of the columns exceeds the space available in the browser window.

To reorder columns:

  1. Click and hold on a column heading.

  2. Drag it over the desired location.

  3. Release the column heading.

Note: Although you can reorder the columns in a queue view such as My Interactions, the "Interaction Type" column is always fixed to the left. (Or to the right, for Right-to-Left languages.)

To resize columns:

  • Drag the boundary on the right side of the column heading until the column is the width you want.

To sort a view:

  • Click on a column heading to sort the contents of a view.

  • Click on the same column heading to sort the contents in reverse order.

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