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Twitter conversations

An initial Tweet and replies form a Twitter conversation. The management of a Twitter conversation is very similar to that of a Facebook conversation. You follow the conversation and post replies where needed in the Current Interaction view. You can reply at any level in the Twitter conversation.

Also like a Facebook conversation, a Twitter conversation continues until you disconnect the interaction. Additional tweets in the same conversation thread create a new interaction.

Note: You cannot start a Twitter conversation from Interaction Connect. You can only reply.


The line next to the Twitter interaction icon indicates the interaction state. For example, green is connected, orange is held, red is disconnected, and light blue is alerting.


To pick up, place on hold, transfer, record, or disconnect a Twitter interaction, use the Queue Control toolbar buttons.

The Pickup button also appears in the Current Interaction view for alerting and held interactions.

Note: You cannot forward or listen to a Social Media interaction.


The selected interaction appears in the Current Interaction view as a Social Media conversation.


The name of the Twitter feed containing the initial message, comments, and replies appears here.


The topmost message is the initial (root) tweet in this conversation thread.

Note: The root tweet always has a blue background.


To mark a message as "read," click the check box. This collapses this part of the conversation and hides it. You can reveal this again by clearing the check box.

Note: If you refresh and reload the browser page, messages marked as "read" disappear.


Replies to messages are indented. When indentation reaches the limit of a useful message display, solid lines replace indentation. The length of a line indicates the level of indentation.


These indicate the number of unread messages above or below the currently visible part of the Twitter conversation.


To type a reply to a selected comment, click the Reply icon.


Comments made here apply to the initial tweet.


To post a comment on the initial tweet, click this button.

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