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Use a Web-Based Phone

Requirements: Your CIC administrator must enable this feature and set it up for you. For more information, see Web-based Phone Requirements.

You can use your workstation's microphone and speakers or headset to participate in phone conversations.

Tip: Don't refresh your browser while you are on a connected call and using a web-based phone. This disconnects the call.

  • Use the Web-Based Phone dialog box to monitor the connection status of your WebRTC phone. You can use the Disconnect Call button to disconnect a call. This is similar to hanging up a physical phone to end a call. This additional method of disconnecting is useful if Interaction Connect becomes unavailable during a switchover.

  • Use the Queue Control toolbar to perform standard call control operations such as picking up, transferring, or disconnecting calls.

  • Use the Dial Pad in the My Interactions Sidebar to make calls. Or you can use the Dial Pad to make menu selections by sending DTMF tones to a connected call.