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IPA Work Item Client

The IPA Work Item Client is a web-based application that enables you to complete tasks that are part of a process. Work items represent these tasks. A work item is a form that gathers information. Work items could represent the tasks involved in processing a customer order, a loan application, an insurance claim, or other form of work.

Interaction Process Automation routes a work item to the first available and qualified agent or to the most appropriate workgroup queue. When IPA assigns you a work item, it appears in your My Work Items tab.

If you have the appropriate license and user rights, you can:

  • pick up a work item and complete a necessary task

  • transfer a work item to another agent or workgroup

  • start a process that routes work items to other members of your organization

  • search for an existing process

Note:  Customer Interaction Center (CIC) also supports two interaction management client applications. This documentation uses the term "CIC client" to refer to either Interaction Connect or Interaction Desktop.

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CIC 2017 R4 revised July 11, 2022