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Interaction Conference User's Guide

Interaction Conference is a conferencing application based on the PureConnect platform. It enables authorized users to schedule and host conference calls for internal and external use.  This guide provides users and conference coordinators with instructions for creating and managing conferences.  A conference coordinator is a person who sets up conferences for others or facilitates a conference call.

Formerly called Live Conference, Interaction Conference is a premises-based audio conferencing application which reduces costs, increases productivity, and enhances collaboration. The solution helps organizations better communicate and collaborate with geographically dispersed employees, partners, and customers—leading to better business decisions and results.

Interaction Conference offers conference coordinators a web application that schedules and manages conferences. Users and conference coordinators can also use a Microsoft Outlook plugin to schedule new conferences.

This guide is divided into two sections:

To use the Interaction Conference Microsoft Outlook plugin or the web application, you must have access rights, which are set in Interaction Administrator by an authorized CIC administrator.

Related Documentation

  • Interaction Conference Administrator's Guide is for the technician who installs and configures Interaction Conference components on CIC and IIS servers. It explains how to install software on client/server machines, and how to grant required access rights.

  • Interaction Conference User's Guide (this document) is for Interaction Conference users and conference coordinators who schedule conferences using the Interaction Conference web application or the Interaction Conference Microsoft Outlook plugin. This guide also explains how to call into a conference.